The climate is getting more extreme. What do we have left if we are confronted with a global food shortage? 
And if human would go to Mars? What could be a pioneer food source? 
Lichen shows a good potential. A lot of open questions are still here, a lot of things are too discuss. 
To get to know more about, Unseen Edible is shown as talks, workshops and exhibitions. But also experience dinners are possible. Experience a lichen based dinner and ask anything you always wanted to know about. ​​​​​​​
Lichen experience dinner - an excellent way to taste lichen and open up discussion about post apocalyptical perspectives.  And a great chance to taste the pure lichen in its best shape. As lichen is part in famine and luxury sector  - make your own opinion. Could you think of eating lichen on an every day base? A lot of very interesting questions rising up when it comes to our future of food. and maybe it is not even that bad then it seems to be. 
Bread is one of the most basic food - with lichen it is very rich and could be even called famine food since it is so long lasting. During workshop events it is possible to learn about preparing lichen as food and how to make lichen based food - it is very diverse and bread makes just a part of it.
Lichen based food tastings - How does it actually taste? 
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